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How Can City Equipment Help You?

Welcome to the Support Center

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.

You expect a lot from City Equipment (and you should!) — from personal interactions with City Equipment to easy online payment options to prompt product delivery. Should any of that fail to meet your high expectations, you want a fast resolution and an assurance of a better experience next time. All of this points to the quality of a company’s relationships with its customers, and those working on the front lines of customer service agree. Seventy-two percent of service agents say their interactions with customers are relationship-oriented.

Sales and marketing are known for their drive to build relationships with customers. Customer service, on the other hand, keeps the relationship strong, and has the opportunity to create loyal fans out of customers. Just like their counterparts in sales and marketing, they must be equipped with technology that helps them serve customers to the best of their ability.

What Is Support Ticketing?

Support ticketing is a system that allows City Equipment to provide support to customers, partners, and internal employees more efficiently. Think of a ticketing system as a digitized version of asking a customer to take a number and get in line: You staple that number to the person’s complaint and use it to track the issue all the way through its resolution.

These days, the ticketing process typically happens through help desk ticket software. You can use ticket numbers to track your inquiries through resolution, and so can company employees, from service staff to accountants to the Boss, if necessary.

Assigning and tracking ticket numbers is just the beginning. It’s what City Equipment's ticketing system does with those numbers that really counts.

As a quick aside, there is some debate on the difference between a help desk, a service desk, and other similar terms. For the purpose of this discussion, these terms are interchangeable and refer to a system that manages the resolution of inquiries and issues.

City Equipment's support ticketing system is commonly called customer service ticketing. It’s the way many businesses track interactions between external parties (customers, third-party contacts, and others) with their own staff (usually customer service reps).

These ticketing systems are designed to help service reps solve all kinds of customer questions, which could include:
Troubleshooting the payment page on your website
Answering, “Where’s my machine?” and other shipment questions
Fielding questions about how your products work Basically, any question that you have about the sale, delivery and use of your piece of equipment.

While email is still the number one customer service channel, with 95% of companies and 98% of customers using the channel. However, using an email inbox as our primary support management system is asking for trouble, especially as our customer base expands. Doing so means relying on the human brain to prioritize, route, and resolve all issues. If our customer or employee list grows longer than a few dozen names, City Equipment’ll need to hire one or more employees just to manage our customer service email inbox, let alone resolve any issues.

Meanwhile, what about the inquiries that come in via phone, live chat, and social media?

With our support ticket system, City Equipment can minimize our support staff needs and allow our team members to focus on the complex tasks that require the human touch and improve your customer experience.

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