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Company Social Responsibility (CSR) & Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

As City Equipment, LLC's owners and stakeholders are of mixed ethnicity, and are personally aware of struggles encountered, City Equipment believes strongly in Company Social Responsibility (CSR), Company initiatives to assess and take responsibility for a company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing. Pursuant to that end, City Equipment has adopted specific and proactive guidelines to not just demonstrate; but to inclusively engrain these principles into our company's lifeblood.

City Equipment, LLC

Code of Conduct

Basic Policy

All officers and employees of City Equipment, LLC (the “Company”) must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations where they operate, international standards and rules, and all internal Company rules and policies. In addition, all officers and employees of the Company must act in a socially responsible manner by complying with the highest ethical standards in the conduct of their business.

Basic Principles

1. Respect human rights, and do not discriminate on any basis or engage in any form of harassment.
2. Maintain a high regard for environmental considerations in conducting our business operations, and ensure that our business is conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner, and comply with treaties, laws and regulations concerning the environment.
3. Promote fair business practices and comply with trade rules, regulations, and internal Company rules and policies.
4. Comply with the rules and regulations of our trade.
5. Protect and properly use confidential and proprietary information, protect the rights of the Company and respect the rights of others.
6. Avoid conflicts of interest with the Company; maintain a distinction between Company and private business.
7. Record and report accounting and financial information timely and accurately.
8. Maintain proper legal and ethical standards with respect to gifts and entertainment.
9. Resolutely oppose any organization, group or individual which is engaged in unlawful activities and do not provide money or other types of economic benefits to them nor any form of support for their unlawful causes.
10. Promptly report to or consult with superiors, or the outside counsel in charge of Compliance upon discovering or committing any violations of this “Code of Conduct.”

City Equipment, LLC

Environmental Charter

At City Equipment, LLC we consider the Earth itself to be our most important stakeholder and are continually working towards the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities.
• City Equipment will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by continually implementing new efficiency measures and embracing new technologies.
• City Equipment will promote the sustainable use of natural resources including energy, minerals, food stocks and water throughout our global business operations.
• City Equipment recognizes the critical importance that ecosystems can provide and City Equipment is committed to protecting ecosystems and mitigating any potential impacts on biodiversity.
• City Equipment will strive to create and enhance environmental value through environmental conservation and environmental impact reduction measures including pollution prevention.
• City Equipment will continue to actively engage and work with our various stakeholders openly and transparently and disclose information on the environmental impacts of our business operations in an appropriate and timely manner.
• City Equipment will conduct all of our activities in compliance with environmental laws while adhering to international rules and social standards

City Equipment, LLC

Social Charter

City Equipment, LLC strives to achieve sustainable societal value though our business operations by contributing towards lasting solutions to the wide spectrum of sustainability challenges facing today’s society.
• City Equipment will work to address local societal challenges in the communities in which City Equipment operates, contributing towards lasting and sustainable development through our business activities.
• City Equipment will continue our wide-ranging philanthropic commitments while regularly adapting our approach in line with ever-evolving societal needs and challenges.
• City Equipment will fully respect human rights and indigenous peoples’ rights.
• City Equipment will fully respect fundamental labor rights and endeavor to ensure the provision of proper working environments with consideration for safety, health, and other aspects.
• City Equipment will not engage in corruption of any kind and will take appropriate preventative measures to safeguard against such practices.
• City Equipment will continue to actively engage and work with our various stakeholders openly and transparently and disclose information on the social impacts of our business operations in an appropriate and timely manner.

Key Sustainability Issues



Transitioning to a Low-carbon Society
In anticipation of the impact that climate change is expected to have on the Company’s business activities, City Equipment is working to address these potential impacts, while at the same time actively pursuing businesses that facilitate the transition to a low-carbon society and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. City Equipment constantly searches for serviceable equipment that is not powered by fossil fuels.
Procuring and Supplying in a Sustainable Manner
City Equipment will ensure the stable, sustainable procurement and supply of resources, raw materials and other inputs in line with the needs of the communities that we serve. In addition, we will consider environmental and social factors throughout our supply chains.
Tackling Evolving Local Issues
City Equipment will continue to take appropriate steps to address risk while at the same time contributing solutions through its business for issues faced by each of the communities that we serve, thereby supporting the development of economies and societies.
Addressing the Needs of Society through Business Innovation
City Equipment will stay on the pulse of major industrial shifts brought about by technological advances, while continually creating innovative businesses that contribute to solutions for social issues.
Conserving the Natural Environment
Recognizing the Earth as our largest stakeholder, City Equipment works to ensure the continuity of its business by preserving biodiversity, reducing its environmental impact and conserving the natural environment. To this end, we are continually transitioning to non-fossil fuel equipment for our own use and to provide to our clients and friends.
Growing Together with the Local Community
City Equipment will contribute to local development through its business and company philanthropy initiatives, and the Company will aim to grow together with the communities where we operates.
Fostering Our Employees’ Maximum Potential
City Equipment will work to develop human resources with advanced management capabilities who will become the driving force behind company value creation by developing career opportunities and workplaces where the members of its diverse workforce are able to grow as they share values in a spirit of mutual learning.

City Equipment's systematic approach to ESG implementation -

  • Monitor internal ESG disclosures and commitments. Management shall appoint a team tasked with monitoring the company’s ESG disclosures and commitments, recognizing that these statements can appear in a variety of formal communications (eg., documents incorporated by reference in official filings, sustainability reports and company responsibility reports) as well as informal communications (e.g., communications to employees, social media posts, media interviews and website postings). The team should identify existing ESG commitments to establish a baseline. Thereafter, the team should have a procedure in place to monitor ESG disclosures of the company as well as of peer firms.
  • Treat ESG statements like all other public statements.
    • ESG statements made publicly should be vetted for factual accuracy and context in the same way as any other statement of fact.
    • Forward-looking commitments should be qualified as such, much as other forward-looking statements are (with aspirational qualifiers and appropriate disclaimers).
    • Management should consider extending the internal disclosure controls and procedures process to ESG statements, since some statements may well find their way into official filings.
    • Even though ESG disclosure standards are not mandatory, Management will be comparing information that is voluntarily provided with disclosures made in official reports and registration statements, which is consistent with its general approach of monitoring analyst and investor calls as well as other statements made outside of official filings (for example, to police, the use of non-GAAP financial measures and selective disclosure rules).
    • As with all material statements that are included in public disclosure, coordination among the relevant internal constituencies is critical and collaboration should be encouraged.
  • Educate employees on the risks associated with ESG disclosures. Employees responsible for preparing and updating ESG disclosures should be sensitized to the risks associated with public disclosures and to the importance of ensuring that ESG statements are consistent with the company’s description of its business, its mission and its risk factors in annual and quarterly reports, even if those latter disclosures have no apparent ESG themes.
  • Measure ESG performance. The ESG team should establish procedures to determine whether the company’s actions match its public ESG goals, the standards set by industry leaders and the frameworks established by third parties that the company has committed to – or is required to – follow. Doing so can help a company identify any vulnerabilities in order to mitigate risks.


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